15 Years of

Clean Care
Safer Care


Celebrating the 15 years of the launch of Clean Care is Safer Care​

Hand Hygiene

More important now than ever!

In 2005, all Ministries of Health from around the world were invited to join to Clean Care is Safer Care program and to pledge to fight Healthcare Associated Infections. 15 years later, 142 countries have pledged for the initiative and more than 23’000 hospitals have joined the campaign.


Handrub Initiative

15 years = 15 tons handrub

In Geneva, thanks to the collaboration of several partners, it is already possible to obtain alcohol-based handrub at very attractive prices on www.swisscleanhands.ch

In addition, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Clean care is Safer Care programme, the HUG TaskForce and Givaudan will offer 15 tons of alcohol-based handrub solution to Geneva companies from October 28, 2020, with the aim to encourage the implementation of simple hygiene and social distancing rules recommended by the FOPH and to motivate companies to be effective relays of these measures by protecting their employees.

See you on October 28 on www.swisscleanhands.ch

Share an initiative

Celebrate 15 years of hand hygiene with Prof. Pittet by sharing your initiative that will be highlighted on this site.

15 years after the launch of Clean Care is Safer Care, hand hygiene saves between 5 and 8 million lives every year. 

Hand hygiene is now more important than ever.

October 15th is the global hand washing day. Participate in this day by promoting hand hygiene all around you to fight the global pandemic.

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